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Dramatic Play Furniture
Dramatic Play Furniture
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Make believe is an important activity in preschools and daycares. What do you need to make a dramatic play center? Workbenches, kitchens, and puppet theaters join up with our fully-equipped pretend play packages to provide aspiring little carpenters, chefs, mommies, postmen, actresses and more with hours of joyful make-believe.

Hertz Furniture's dramatic play collection is designed for hours and hours of safe fun. Features like rounded edges, pinch-me-not doors, no-tip furniture and non-toxic paint ensure your students' safety. So come take a look at our play kitchens and puppet theaters - and relive your childhood once more.

How important is pretend play?

Dramatic play is important because it is a fun activity that promotes language development, creativity, social emotional learning and more. With a variety of realistic and imaginative-play toys, children can choose the items that are most enticing to them. It is important to furnish an early-childhood classroom with a variety of dramatic play furniture so all children can find a few options that will encourage them to explore their creative talents.

One of the most common dramatic play settings is the play kitchen. Small children constantly observe adults cooking and cleaning with appliances and tools that look like lots of fun. They will love having their own set of appliances and tools so they can feel just like the grown-ups. In addition to being lots of fun, play kitchen sets create lots of opportunities to work on fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Getting that dish arranged just right, mixing some ingredients and washing the dishes can all be great ways for preschoolers to work toward developmental milestones without even knowing it.

What kind of play kitchen should I get for my classroom?

Wooden play kitchens from Wood Designs include everything you need to give your students a fully-furnished cooking space right inside the classroom. The appliances come with realistic graphics and features so little ones can organize the dishes or adjust the settings on the oven. They can be purchased as individual pieces or a full set.

Playing house isn't all about preparing meals, a realistic house setting also needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. When you furnish the dramatic play area with a laundry center and housekeeping station, you reinforce the values of cleanliness and personal responsibility. Because many little children like to play with dolls and stuffed animals, a doll carriage and high chair will make great additions as well.

Besides a play kitchen, what else can be part of imaginative play?

Pretend play scenarios don't have to involve realistic items and role plays, children can use their imaginations to come up with anything they want. In order to encourage creative and original ideas, you can stock the classroom with a selection of animal puppets and a dress-up center. Our puppet theater offers the perfect venue for children who want to put on a show or just play around. Props and accessories can be stored on the inside shelves, while the puppets can be organized in a puppet holder so they won't get thrown around and damaged. When little ones are looking around the room for something to do, prominently-displayed puppets will entice them into a fun and creative activity.

All of our pretend play items feature safe and healthy construction for hours of worry-free play and exploration. With no-pinch door hinges and no-tip construction, you can feel free to let even the youngest toddlers in your daycare center explore freely. Rounded corners and edges prevent scratches and snags. All Wood Designs kids play furniture is constructed from 100% Birch Plywood with eco-friendly finishes.

Mirrors are great to have in an early-childhood setting because they encourage little ones to explore their reflections. Kids mirrors help young children develop an awareness of their body movements and improve self image. If they walk by the mirror and see that their faces are dirty, they can take initiative and clean themselves off. Our mirrors come in a selection of shapes including fun dinosaurs and flowers.

How can I keep the toys in my classroom organized?

A classroom full of learning centers will have lots of small accessories and toys. You can encourage your students to clean up after themselves and take responsibility by organizing the room in a clear way. Toy boxes offer an easy place to keep large toys. Little ones can easily pick up stuffed animals and other big items and put them away without the need for assistance from an adult.

Having a great start helps children develop appropriately throughout their lives. At Hertz Furniture, we understand what a difference it makes when children come into a classroom that is well-furnished with an exciting pretend play center. Our play kitchen sets, mirrors and kids play furniture are sure to set your preschool or daycare apart and make young learners feel comfortable.

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