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Our Leadership Team

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David Mocton


David has been with Hertz Furniture since 1998 and has been instrumental in increasing our local presence and establishing strong relationships with customers across the country. David is passionate about accountability to our clients and exceeding their expectations.

David was born and educated in the UK and loves spending time with his growing family.

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Maralyn Ross

Manager of Client Services

Maralyn has headed up our customer service department since 2000. She has built a team of caring and passionate furniture experts who know how to advocate for our customers and resolve their issues.

When not with her family or enjoying nature, Maralyn likes to make jewelry, knit, and create unique lasting pieces.

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Coleman Breger


Coleman brings over 25 years of financial discipline to Hertz Furniture. He oversees our day-to-day business operations, including strategic investments in people and technology that help us maintain our competitive edge.

Coleman enjoys spending time with his family, playing sports, and hiking.

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Lea Davidson

Quality Control and Training Manager

Starting as a sales associate in 2006, Lea developed a methodology to improve the efficiency and quality of order entry. As QC and training manager she shares that expertise and continues to improve the quality of our service.

In her free time, Lea likes to travel, ski, or just take her nephew for ice cream.

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Marc Schwam

VP of Vendor Relations & Northeast Sales

Marc began as a sales manager for New York City with over 20 years of furniture experience. He was promoted to Regional VP in 2010 and is now responsible for strategic vendor relations as well.

Marc enjoys family, friends, and sports along with raising money for local food banks.

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Ann Dorfman

HR Manager

Ann started as a Sales Assistant in 2012, progressing to Executive Asssitant and to HR Manager. She's passionate about cost savings while maintaining a comfortable working environment for all.

Ann loves to read and spend time with her husband and 3 kids. especially enjoying nature together.

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Gabriel Schwartz

VP of Sales - Western Region

Gabriel and his team of experts are dedicated to providing their customers with the best furniture solutions for their needs. Gabriel is passionate about giving each customer the best possible service.

When he's not spending time with his family, Gabriel is probably attending a car show.

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Mutty Leiser

VP of Merchandising, Freight, Bids & Contracts

Joining Hertz Furniture in 2000, Mutty now oversees the relationships with our manufacturers and carriers, is responsible for merchandising our catalogs and website, and leads our bids & contracts team.

Mutty volunteers in his community, teaches continuing education classes and plays keyboard in his spare time.

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Adam Gouge

VP - Project Solutions

Adam joined Hertz Furniture in 2011 as a project specialist with a degree in Architectural and Civil Design, managing projects throughout the country and even in Mongolia. Adam now leads this growing team of designers project specialists.

Adam loves spending time with his children, and serving his community as a certified firefighter/EMT.

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Jonathan Yunger

VP of Marketing & Online Operations

Coming to us in 2008 with years of experience in both marketing and technology, Jonathan leads our marketing and programming departments. His role allows him to be both creative and analytical and love his job.

Besides family and work, Jonathan enjoys biking, tinkering, and discovering the wonders of nature.

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Saul Wagner


As president, Saul transformed Hertz Furniture from a catalog house into the robust national and online company we are today. In the role of chairman, his expertise in strategic & financial planning, and relationship building helps us continue to find ways to better serve our clients.

Saul is passionate about family and education, and loves to travel with his family.

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David Azer

VP of Sales and Business Development

Starting in 2007, David grew Bids & Contracts to a point where we are well-positioned with many prime contracts that help our clients save time and money. In 2014 David was promoted to VP of Sales & Business Development.

David still enjoys opportunities to teach, an easy-going game of tennis, and the challenge of a good puzzle.

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Allison Katzwer

VP of Sales - Southeast Region

Allison's organization and people skills have kept her in high demand since joing Hertz Furniture in 2010. As VP of Sales, she's focused on exceeding her customers' expectations through great service, accountability, and strong relationships.

When not planning awesome events, Allison enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and traveling.

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Ernie Zatarain

VP of Operations

Ernie's focus on innovation, safety, and efficiency has led to a nearly flawless record of on-time installations since 2002 when he came to Hertz Furniture from the world's largest delivery company. We're lucky to have him.

Ernie is a baseball and Corvette enthusiast, and dearly loves his wife and 3 wonderful children.

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Karen Crump

General Manager - New England Region

Karen manages the daily operations our New England region. Her vast experience in sales and operations, plus her attention to detail, make her perfect for the job.

Karen is an avid birder, and tries to get out to beautiful Acadia National Park whenever she can.

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Daniel Goldfine

VP of Sales - Central Region

Dan oversees the Central region, giving our clients there the benefit of his 20+ years of experience. Dan likes to create a comfortable, stress-free environment in which to do business.

Dan enjoys a good cigar and spending time with his family, although not necessarily at the same time.

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Isaac Goldberg

VP of Sales - National Accounts

Creating an environment conducive to communication and teamwork is key to Isaac's ability to successfully manage a team of regional managers covering more that half the country.

Isaac is active in his community and spends his time with his family.

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Kevin Crump

VP of Sales - New England

With his years of experience heading up School Furnishings in New Hampshire, Kevin has the expertise and respect that help him do his job so well. Soft spoken, but armed with extensive industry, product, and customer knowledge, Kevin can do it all.

Kevin likes to get away and relax with a round of golf with his buddies when he can.

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Lorraine Amato

Order Processing Manager

Lorraine started processing orders for Hertz Furniture in 2004. Her keen eye and efficient work led to her promotion to manager where she bridges the gap between Sales, Order Processing, and Accounting, helping many people every day.

Lorraine is passionate about sharing her knowledge of being vegan and impacting as little as possible in the environment.

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