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Create a cozy commons area or library with cushy soft seating from Hertz Furniture. Modular designs with a contemporary appeal will bring your space up to date. With lots of configurations and vibrant upholstery choices, you can easily coordinate with any space, color scheme and style.

In the age of collaboration and brainstorming, modular lounge seating has quickly replaced stiff classic designs. With the ability to rearrange furniture in an unlimited array of configurations, schools and companies can benefit from the amazing innovations unique to small-group work and out-of-the-box thinking. The sooner your bring your space into the future, the sooner your students and employees can start to enjoy the benefits of flexible work spaces.

What is soft seating?

Collaborative modern workspaces have to include some soft seating. Whether in a corporate or educational setting, stiff chairs and straight rows simply don’t encourage the skills that a modern professional needs. Unlike classic office or classroom setups, modular lounge seating arrangements are characterized by flexibility, comfort and vibrancy. Rigid straight lines and right angles have been replaced by cool contours.

What are the benefits of modular lounge seating?

When you have separate chairs and sofas, it can be hard for people to work together with clunky arms and big spaces between their seats. There are also a limited number of ways to arrange classic reception furniture. When there are bulky arms, legs and backs involved, moving things around in a given space can be tricky and time consuming. However, Modular lounge seating is incredibly flexible and easy to work with. Whether you just want the freedom to rearrange your space when and how you like or you want to enable collaboration for groups of any size, this is the way to go.

Modular soft seating has an upscale contemporary appeal that will give your space a whole new look. It will look great in a teen lounge, corporate breakout area or lobby. Elegant contours look cool and keep people comfortable while they wait or work. Built-in ganging offers the versatility of modularity with the appearance and functionality of permanence. Individual seats stay in place as long as you want them to but are simple to rearrange when you want to move them around.

What type of furniture belongs in a school commons area?

Commons areas are becoming more and more popular in today’s schools. Students need comfortable spaces where they can hang out or study together. Teen lounge seating has become an essential component of these types of spaces. Vibrant colors and inviting designs contribute to the creation of a positive environment. Modularity is especially important in a commons area because you never know how many students will want to sit together at a particular time or what arrangement best suits them, and you certainly don’t want anyone to feel left out or excluded.

What are the advantages of modular furniture?

Modular lounge seating is ideal because you just never know what is going to be the most comfortable fit for any person or group. You might think you want a space arranged in a certain way and then realize over time that an alternative configuration is actually preferable. For a great option that provides writing surfaces right along with seating, try soft seating tables. They fit right into soft seating and also offer a space to put things down, which is always convenient to have.

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