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Every classroom needs a highly-visible chalkboard. Whether you are teaching math, science, history or any other subject, it is important to have a blackboard at the front of the room so you can present, organize and demonstrate key concepts. A visible writing space is instrumental in facilitating structured lessons and clear communication.

Should you get a double-sided chalkboard? That depends on you room space and layout. Hertz Furniture's wide selection of chalkboards includes wall-mounted models as well as portable units. Give your lessons the jumpstart they need with great choices from Hertz Furniture.

What are the benefits of a wall-mounted blackboard?

The traditional classroom layout includes a wall-mounted chalkboard at the front of the room. This arrangement enables the teacher to complement spoken information with visual aids and real-time examples. By securing the board in one position in a particular room, you ensure that it will always be there when it is needed, and no teacher will be left scrambling around at the last second when class is about to start and there is no space at the front of the room for recording notes.

Where should I put my classroom easel?

While the mounted option is ideal for many educational settings, there are also many benefits to having a chalkboard easel. Mobile chalkboards can transform any room into a seminar room or classroom instantly. Locking casters keep boards securely in place while they are in use and enable them to be moved in a flash when they are needed in another location. Portable chalkboards can also be used as dividers.

When you don't have much space for a chalk board, but you have lots to write, a teaching easel can really come in handy. This convenient setup provides double the amount of writing space without taking up any extra room. When you are in the middle of a lesson and one side of the blackboard is full, you don't have to waste any time erasing your work to make space. Simply flip over the board and you have a whole new writing surface. An added advantage of this arrangement is that you can easily refer back to previous work by flipping the board over once again. That is definitely something worth thinking about when choosing classroom furniture.

How can I get a whiteboard and chalkboard together?

Board material preference is entirely a matter of personal taste. Because companies and schools have many employees, each of whom has a partiality toward one material or the other, the ideal is to provide options so everyone can have what they prefer. We have reversible black boards which have a chalkboard on one side and a markerboard on the other, so you can ensure that each person has the material that is most comfortable for them. When a teacher or business-person has their ideal setup in a class or presentation it is easier for them to focus and stay on top of their game.

While chalk does come in a selection of hues, it is often hard to distinguish between them, especially on a black background. The full brightness of dry erase markers can be appreciated against the background of a whiteboard. More colors can make it easier to categorize information, organize notes and highlight particular elements of a lesson or steps in a process. A solid white background can also be used as a screen for viewing movies, slides or a computer screen projection.

Chalk boards have their unique benefits as well. If a teacher or professional accidentally gets some marker on their clothes, it is unlikely that it will come out without a good washing. That means they might be stuck walking around with an embarrassing stain for an entire day. Chalk is easy to wash or wipe off of clothes and hands. Chalk is also virtually odorless, unlike whiteboard markers whose smell many find unpleasant.

How can I make sure that I always have chalk?

There are a number of convenient features that can really enhance your experience with any chalkboard. A chalk tray keeps writing implements handy so they are always easy to find and can be picked up and put down as needed. In a school setting, it might be a good idea to install a map rail above the board so maps and other important charts or visual aids can be kept in a readily-accessible position whenever they are needed.

No matter what the size of your business or school is, employees, students, colleagues and clients are sure to appreciate the clear communication that is afforded by wall-mounted or double-sided chalkboard. With our great selection of models, you can find the perfect size and setup for any space, large or small. If you need help determining what is the best blackboard for your academic or professional institution, contact the Hertz Project Solutions team for free project-planning advice.

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