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Cell phone lockers provide convenient space-saving storage for valuables. Where can students store their cell phones during school hours? When mobile phones are securely stored in individual lockers, it is much easier to keep your students and employees focused on the task at hand. Mini lockers are the ideal place for any small personal items that need to be kept under lock and key during the day.

Cell phone storage lockers come in different styles and arrangements. They can stand on the floor or be mounted against a wall. A choice of colors and configurations lets you fit your space and style. Durable materials and construction ensure that you will be enjoying this secure storage for many years to come.

How can students secure phones during the day?

As people become increasingly dependant on mobile phones and apps, it can be difficult to keep students and employees from using them during work or school hours. Many schools and businesses have banned phone use, but this creates a new problem. How can phones be secured at school and work? Smartphones can be quite an investment so people need to know that they will be in a safe place throughout the day. Cell phone lockers are the answer to all of your phone storage needs. With individual compartments, each person can have a secure place to keep their phone, which can easily be accessed during breaks and retrieved at the end of the day.

A well-placed cell phone locker is just what each student and employee needs. Unless phones are necessary for the job or task at hand, there is no reason to let this distraction be so easily available in pockets and personal bags. Parents can still contact their children in the good old fashioned way by calling the school. At the end of the day when students are in transit and need to be in close contact with their parents for safety, reassurance or coordinating schedules and meeting points, they can easily get their phones back. Rather than paying someone to watch expensive devices or leaving them at home, cell phone storage lockers provide security during the day and enable access when necessary.

What can fit in a cell phone locker?

Mini lockers can fit more than just cell phones. They also offer great storage for keys, wallets and other small valuables. Their compact size is ideal for institutions that don’t require full-size lockers but would still like to offer security for some personal items. If employees are worried about keeping track of and securing their valuables throughout the day, cell phone lockers can eliminate the risk of things getting lost, misplaced or taken.

What kind of locks do cell phone lockers have?

We offer two different locking styles on our cell phone storage lockers. You can choose between individually-keyed, built-in locks and padlock hasps. Built-in locks ensure that employees and students don’t need to worry about providing their own locks. They also make it easier to limit use and ensure that only designated people have access to lockers. Keys can be available by reservation or assigned to certain people.

There are benefits to the padlock hasp option as well. When each person brings their own lock for the cell phone storage locker, there is no risk of someone accidentally walking off with the key. Additionally, this option allows each person to choose their lock preference, be it padlock, combination lock or another type. If the room where your lockers are is secured during the day, some might even choose to use the lockers without any type of lock.

How can I ensure that cell phones don’t get mixed up in storage?

Individual wallet lockers give each person their own space so phones and wallets won’t get mixed up. When phones are left with a security guard or other personnel, they can easily get confused or swapped if people are in a rush to leave at the end of the day. No company or school wants to be liable for too many valuables at a time, and with cell phone lockers they will never have to be.

Provide secure storage while reducing distractions with cell phone lockers. No matter who is using them, they are sure to be appreciated. Part of creating a safe school environment is providing secure storage, and cellphone lockers can be an important piece of security. For assistance in choosing the right configuration and style for your space, contact the experts on our Project Solutions team for complimentary project planning advice.

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