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Logo Chairs

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How can you get a logo on a folding chair? Logo chairs enable you to have team or school name imprinted on folding chairs without spending a fortune. Just pick your design and send us your school logo and we will take care of the rest. Increase school spirit by providing quality padded folding chairs that students will appreciate.

Depending on your needs, we have logo chairs with different options. You can choose seat cushion thickness and ganging devices if you want. These comfy and attractive folding chairs will really liven up your gym and demonstrate an appreciation for student athletics.

Where can I find comfortable chairs for the school gym?

Don't make your student athletes sit on hard bleachers or uncomfortable chairs. Your players practice hard to get ready for the big game, so why not show them you value their commitments. Comfortable logo chairs make every team member feel valued, both on and off of the court. Whether they are all-stars or benchwarmers, student athletes will understand that their diligence is recognized with supportive seats.

How can I encourage school spirit?

Logo chairs offer a great way to showcase school pride and encourage team unity. When players come into the gym to warm up for the imminent match, their enthusiasm levels will increase upon seeing that they have padded folding chairs with their mascot and team name. In addition to supporting your current student athletes during the season, logo chairs can also be sold to alumni as a fundraiser for your athletic department.

These custom logo folding chairs come in a wide selection of frame and seat cushion colors. You can coordinate the chair hues with team colors and match the decor of your gymnasium. With a full room matching their uniforms, your players will truly feel the home court advantage.

Logo chairs will help the opposing team and your own fans feel the enthusiasm of your school . The back cushion of these padded metal folding chairs has the name of the team and a picture of the team mascot is printed on the padded seat. This setup combines the physical support of comfy padding with visual-appeal and encouragement.

How thick should the padding on my logo folding chairs be?

Adequate padding on logo folding chairs keeps athletes comfortable as they cheer on teammates and get their heads in the game. Sitting properly off of the court will help them prepare to get in there and give it their all. Choose between padding thickness options to get the right balance. Your preference might depend on budgetary concerns or the duration of the average game or match.

If your vinyl padded folding chairs are going to be placed in rows, ganging devices will keep them looking straight and orderly. Built-in ganging devices are available so you can connect chairs quickly and efficiently. This is a great option for those who plan on arranging chairs along the sidelines because it minimizes seat movement when individuals are getting in and out of chairs.

Nothing inspires student athletes more than knowing they have the support of their school. With our cushy logo chairs, you can show the team that hardwork and dedication are valued. With the encouragement of parents, teachers, administrators and fans, your teams will feel like the stars that they are. If you are having trouble coordinating frame and cushion colors for your logo chairs or you need to order custom logo folding chairs with a unique mascot, contact the Hertz Design Center for free design and project-planning consultations.