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With our easy-reach, hygienic changing tables, diaper changes are a breeze. Which changing table is best for a daycare? It is important to make sure that baby changing tables are comfortable for caregivers as well as children, especially in a daycare center or preschool.

At Hertz Furniture we have diaper changing stations in various styles. You can choose from a number of wall-mounted and freestanding options, all of which provide great support to babies and are easy for caregivers to use. A great changing table will help everyone's day run smoothly, ensuring that children and caregivers alike go home happy.

Do I really need a changing table?

Quick changing saves caregivers time and lets children get back to playing and learning in a flash. While it is possible to change babies on the floor, having a designated changing station will make the process a whole lot smoother for everyone involved. It will help the child who is being changed stay calm and ensure that the caregiver is focused on him or her. One thing is for sure: trying to change an active toddler on the floor while other little ones play in nearby learning centers is a challenge you don't need to face when you have a designated changing area.

What is the healthiest way to change a baby?

When trying to create a healthy environment in a childcare center, both caregivers and children must be considered. Caregiver safety and health can be greatly affected by the setup of a diaper changing system. It is important to make sure that changing stations are a comfortable height for adults so they don't have to bend over and strain their backs. In a childcare setting, this is critical because children constantly need to be changed throughout the day and improper positioning can cause pain and injury.

A number of our changing stations come with a walk-up feature. Stowaway stairs encourage little ones to take initiative and climb up on the table. When toddlers are able to get up by themselves, caregivers don't have to lift them, which helps them maintain energy and prevent back strain. Stairs can be stored underneath the changing table when not in use, which conserves classroom space and still enables full table access. They lock in position so they won't move while children are standing on them.

What should I look for in a changing table?

The safety of toddlers and babies is of utmost importance. To ensure that little ones get the care they deserve, choose a changing table that provides proper support. Raised sides are important because they prevent babies from accidentally rolling off of the table. An easy-clean top surface is a must-have because you need to make sure that tables are wiped down between use to prevent the spread of germs. A material that is easy to wipe down will endure repeated use and make everything much easier for caregivers.

Having storage in a spot that is within close proximity of your baby changing table is quite helpful, especially in a childcare setting. When you are taking care of children who wear diapers of different sizes, you will need to keep a steady supply handy so you don't have to waste time running back and forth if you forget something that is kept in another part of the room. Accessible storage saves caregivers and babies time and stress, so they can get back to their activities as quickly as possible.

We have two different storage options, both of which keep all of your supplies handy. Some baby changing stations come with built-in storage underneath the table where you can put extra diapers, wipes and creams. If you want to save floor space, or you need some additional room for changing necessities, a wall storage unit can be quite handy. Wall units provide a lot of individual compartments so you can organize diapers by size or keep a separate space for each child's supplies. This arrangement also saves caregivers' backs because they won't need to constantly bend down to retrieve supplies.

What are the benefits of a wall-mounted diaper changing station?

Wall-mounted changing tables are perfect for institutions that are looking for space-saving solutions. They fold up onto the wall so they won't get in the way when not in use. This saves floor space and leaves more room in your classroom in general. These baby changing tables are available in both vertical and horizontal configurations and are constructed from durable easy-clean plastic.

How can I get a portable changing station?

For those who prefer a more flexible option, mobile changing tables are the way to go. They can be transported to any location where children need to be changed and can be easily moved out of the way when not in use. The table can also be maneuvered into a more comfortable position for both baby and caregiver.

There are a number of accessories that can make the changing experience more pleasant for both babies and caregivers. We have padded baby changers from Children's Factory in vibrant colors which keep babies softly supported. Changing paper rolls maintain a clean healthy surface while eliminating the hassle of wiping the table down after every use. Storage tubs are a helpful solution for keeping all diapers, wipes and creams organized.

Little ones are your most precious assets, so you want to make sure that the babies and toddlers in your preschool or daycare are healthy and happy. Hertz Furniture's changing tables are designed to create the most comfortable experience for both babies and caregivers. Our baby changing stations come from leading early-childhood furniture manufacturers including Tot Mate and Foundations. If you need help finding the best choice for your space and needs, contact the Hertz Design Center for free design and project-planning advice.

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