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Listening Centers & Headphones
Listening Centers & Headphones
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When you want to conduct a listening exercise, you need the right listening center. With a listen center, you can provide each student with a personal set of headphones, as everyone listens to the same recording. This arrangement is ideal because it eliminates distractions and promotes focus.

Where can you find quality listening centers? At Hertz Furniture, we know that earphones aren't the only thing you need to create the optimal school listening center. We have excellent wireless boom boxes so you can play CD's or cassettes easily and audio carriers for safe transport as well.

What is a listening center?

Listening centers are useful to have for a number of school applications. They are most commonly used in preschool and kindergarten classes where children listen to books on tape. Classroom listening centers can be an important tool for early childhood literacy, when arranged correctly. Some fun seating and well constructed worksheets combined with the right boombox and headphones can really get kids excited about listening to books on tape and following along with them.

What tools do I need to help my students learn a second language?

Listening centers for classrooms aren't exclusively helpful for young students. If your school tries to bring technology into the classroom as much as possible or teach students a second language, appropriate listening tools will really come in handy. When you have cinematography,music recording seminars or language lab sessions, our comfortable headphones will enable students to focus on the audio input more easily and really get a feel for high-quality sound. Additionally, if a whole group of students is listening to one recording at the same time, a listen center enables you to use just one device, saving you money and hassle.

Why does my school need headphones?

There are many reasons why a school needs headphones. When the choir or orchestra is recording, individual headsets enable each musician to hear the other parts of the harmony more clearly, so their parts can be accurately timed. This tool is also convenient to have in a language lab where students need to practice having conversations through simulated scenarios. When the whole class listens to something as it is played on speakers, they are more likely to become distracted and the sound might be distorted. However, when each student has their own set of earphones, everyone is more likely to pay attention.

Should I get a listening center for the office?

There are many professional settings in which a listening center can be quite useful. When you are running training seminars that have an audio component, they give every participant optimal sound quality while not requiring you to provide individual devices. This can be especially helpful when conducting initial qualifying tests or seminars in fields such as transcription and customer service. Any time a group of people needs to listen to a recording together, a listen center can come in handy.

What kind of headphones are good for school?

Not all head phones are ideal for use in an educational or professional environment. When multiple people are using the same headset, especially when those people are children, there is a risk that lice and germs will be spread. Hamilton Buhl headphones are the ideal choice for shared audio equipment because they come with individual storage bags that kill lice and prevent it from spreading. As an additional precaution, the bags can be individually-labeled with students' names for hygiene purposes.

There are many additions to the basic earphone design that can greatly enhance a listener's experience. Luxurious leather ear pads reduce pressure on the ears and provide soft cushioning which facilitates comfortable listening. Some headphones include individual built-in volume adjustments so each listener can set the volume at the tone that is most pleasant to them.

Headsets aren't the only thing you need for listening exercises. When you want to play a song or recording out loud, a CD and cassette player can be quite helpful. We carry a high-quality battery-operated boom box from OSC. This convenient tool makes it easy to use music in the educational environment, whether you are conducting class listening exercises or you just want some background music to help students concentrate as they work.

Where can I store listening center materials?

When you have multiple sets of headphones, you need a good place to keep them. The audio-carrier from Wood Designs can store headsets and CDs all in one eco-friendly all-natural caddy. Unlike a regular box or crate where wires and devices can easily get tangled up, this convenient solution keeps everything lined up in an organized fashion.

At Hertz Furniture we know how much the right equipment can contribute to the experience of your students and employees. Our earphones, listening centers and boom boxes are designed to facilitate the ideal audio experience in a classroom or seminar. Show students, employees and clients just how modern your institution is with great audio equipment from Hertz Furniture.

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