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Makerspace, Robotics & STEAM Furniture
Makerspace, Robotics & STEAM Furniture
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What is a makerspace in schools? It is a place where students can gather to tinker with robotics furniture, technology and raw materials to bring new ideas to fruition. This unique space is dedicated to STEAM education, encouraging the convergence of great ideas in technology, art, engineering and so much more.

Check out our robotics furniture collection for pieces that are tailor-made to fit the needs of your students. With the right equipment and materials, they will feel free to create, innovate and collaborate. Working in a well-equipped makerspace is a priceless experience for your students.

What equipment belongs in a makerspace?

A makerspace should be filled with anything and everything you can think of that students might want to use to create prototypes. Of course there should be some storage for all of the building supplies such as tools, nails and screws, glues and paints. Then there is the matter of providing ample workspaces for students to work individually and in groups. Power tools are another thing to consider, especially if you have a robotics club because many VEX robotics kits require cutting and soldering metal.

Many people think that a maker space is all about 3D printers and state-of-the-art computers, but the reality is that it is so much more. The space needs to have room for collaboration and creation, that means open areas with no specific purpose. The reality is that the possibilities for a makerspace are unlimited, and we certainly don’t want to change that by creating a rigid workspace. Creating a balance between private workstations, collaboration areas, technology and real hands-on building is the best way to offer the flexibility your innovators need to think outside the box and succeed.

What kind of workspace do you need for a robotics club?

Unlike most other subjects, robotics requires a strong work surface where you can really build and tinker with parts. The main considerations when choosing a workspace for your VEX robotics teams is that the space should be big enough for the whole team of four or five students to work together, and the surface should be strong enough to support and handle the tools you are going to use. Because of the attention to detail and specificity required to make a successful robot, the space really needs to be dedicated to this purpose.

Where can I get a workbench for robotics?

Diversified Woodcrafts’ has designed a robotics workbench which bears all of these considerations in mind. Their design includes everything your robotics club has dreamed of in a workspace. Locking cabinets keep tools and robots protected and organized while a tough work surface supports building and programming. There are some great optional accessories including a soldering board, magnetic tool strip and USB powerstrip to make the building experience even better.

In addition to offering a workbench, you also might want to consider a storage cabinet for your robotics team. Designed in collaboration with VEX robotics, our cabinet has the perfect layout for robots, tools and accessories. With all of the time and effort that your students put into building and programming, they deserve to have a space dedicated to protecting all of the hard work they are doing.

Does my school need a makerspace?

If you want to keep up with the latest trends in STEAM education, then a maker space is exactly what you need. This area is the perfect place for interdisciplinary projects, robotics clubs and so much more. With the right design, furniture and tools, a great makerlab will really set your school apart from the competition, and help your students prepare for life in thr world outside.

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