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What desk accessories do you need? When setting up your workspace there are lots of details to consider. Of course, there are the computer-related items such as a keyboard tray and CPU holder. Both of these things make a big difference in the day-to-day work experience. Getting the right setup is critical to maximizing productivity, health and comfort.

With so many computer components in your workspace, you will need an easy way to keep everything hooked up properly. A power strip is a worthwhile investment for any workstation. If you want to have the most flexibility in terms of positioning without purchasing a whole new desk, a monitor arm may be the answer to your needs.

Do you need a desk lamp?

If you want to avoid eye strain, a desk lamp is a good idea. With the right amount of light at your workstation, you will be more comfortable and therefore more focused. Proper lighting is a relatively small investment which will make a big difference in the long run because you won’t have to squint or strain on a regular basis to read your computer screen. A swing arm desk lamp is the best choice because you can easily adjust it to work in whatever position is most comfortable to you at any given time.

How do you choose a keyboard tray?

Some desks have custom keyboard trays which can be mounted directly onto them in the proper position. These models roll in and out making it easy to maintain a clean work space, and they also match perfectly with the desk so you have an attractive appearance as well. While a built-in keyboard drawer may look nice and fulfill the basic requirements for ergonomic positioning, there are other options which are more supportive.

An articulating keyboard tray is by far the most flexible and ergonomic option. We have models which can be attached to any work surface so you can enjoy this convenient, comfortable desk accessory no matter where you are working. The swivel arm allows you to type from virtually any position so you can get a custom fit even if you need to adjust your chair or work surface.

Where should the CPU holder go?

If you want to have all components of your computer within easy reach, it is helpful to have a CPU holder. With the CPU permanently positioned where you want it, it’s easier to turn your computer on and off and access CD and USB drives. We also have mobile CPU holders for those who want more flexible positioning.

Another thing to think about when setting up a workstation is how you are going to plug everything in. Not every desk is positioned next to a power source with enough outlets for everything you need. A power strip enables you to get multiple outlets within easy reach of your computer and accessories. This is a safe and easy way to keep everything hooked up because it doesn’t require you to stretch cords across a room or high-traffic area.

How can I turn my desk into a standing workstation?

You don’t need to invest in a new office desk to get a standing workstation, you can easily convert what you have with a sit stand monitor arm. We have single and dual monitor mounts so you can enjoy this flexible setup if you work with multiple screens as well. With a full range of motion, professionals can get a custom screen adjustment and even rotate screens to face an adjacent desk for easier collaboration and consultation.

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