UltraPlay Boone Commercial Bike Racks, Playground

UltraPlay Boone Commercial Bike Racks

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UltraPlay Boone Commercial Bike Racks

Commercial bike racks will give your students a great place to store their bicycles. By offering secure and convenient storage throughout the school day, you encourage kids to get active by riding their bikes. These racks are made from steel tubing with steel bars for the rungs, creating a sturdy structure you can count on. Bike racks are a great investment for any school or community center. In a matter of seconds, bicycles can easily be parked in one of the slots, where they will stay until the owners are ready to ride home. Rather than leaning bikes against trees, poles or benches, your students can keep them neatly parked right outside.


  • Secure Placement: Steel bars keep each bike securely positioned.
  • Sturdy Construction: Frame is made from steel tubing.
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