Preschool Furniture



Invite little ones into the wonderful world of learning with comfortable and enticing preschool furniture. With the right activity tables and school chairs, young learners can sit properly as they make art projects, have snacks and play games. Don't forget to furnish classrooms with plenty of fun activities such as building blocks and play kitchens.

What furniture do you need in a daycare? Hertz Furniture's huge selection of daycare furniture includes everything you need to furnish an early-childhood paradise. All of our school furniture is designed for maximum safety and enjoyment, and many models even come with extended warranties.

What is a good preschool classroom layout?

When arranging any educational space, you want to make sure that you have the ideal layout for learning. Many preschool classrooms have learning centers around the perimeter with preschool tables and classroom chairs in the center. This arrangement is great for when the whole class is working on something together, and when young learners have time for free play. Learning centers can be separated by preschool room dividers so children can play happily with the toys they choose without being distracted by what is going on around the room.

What kinds of chairs are good for preschoolers?

Having a functional layout is the first step toward creating a well-run preschool classroom, but there are many more steps before the arrangement is complete. Appropriately-sized furniture is important for little ones because it facilitates proper posture and positioning as they develop essential life skills. Our preschool chairs are available in heights that are perfect for toddlers as well as older children. They can be matched with preschool tables in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

Classroom tables are one of the main venues for individual work, projects and meal times. With many different shapes, there are a number of ways to arrange any space so that it will fit all of the students in the class comfortably. For a touch of vibrant hues that won't overwhelm the space, Educational Edge tables are an excellent choice.

Once the main pieces of preschool furniture have been selected, it is time to move on to the other things around the room. When students come in with their backpacks, coats and hats, they need a place to put them that will be easy to access. Preschool cubbies and lockers provide the perfect spaces for each child to store their stuff. There are wall-mounted and freestanding units which will help young learners internalize the values of personal space and organization. For general classroom items such as toys and supplies, we also have many different configurations of plastic cubbies and toy storage units.

What kind of activity centers should be in a preschool or daycare?

Preschool art gives little ones a great outlet for personal expression. With easels for kids and washable smocks, caregivers will feel free to let their students explore and express themselves, without worrying too much about messes and cleanup. Preschoolers will just love painting, drawing and using chalk to create original artwork. Once a piece has been completed, it can be moved to a paint drying rack where it will wait until it is ready to be taken home.

The children in your classroom or daycare are at a critical stage in their development, so you want to make sure that you have the classroom furniture that will help them develop all of the skills they need. Book displays and children's bookcases invite little ones into the wonderful world of reading. Caregivers can read to the whole class together, or kids can choose to enjoy books themselves.

Pretend play is an important activity that encourages young learners to use their imaginations and play cooperatively. With play kitchens and puppet theaters from Wood Designs, children can enjoy realistic, safe appliances as they play house or school. Our wooden play kitchens feature fun detailing and a healthy no-injuries design that gives children hours of worry-free play.

Most daycare centers are responsible for children of a variety of ages, so daycare furniture has to engage toddlers as well as older children. Soft play equipment helps little ones develop gross motor skills while keeping them safe. Cushy padding and durable materials make soft play a great activity which can be enjoyed by many students. Children can run, build, climb and tumble without fear of injury or damage to equipment.

Building blocks are an old favorite in the world of preschool furniture. Constructing towers, houses and bridges is tons of fun, and it even helps children learn fundamentals such as balance and planning. We have soft blocks for toddlers who need toys that are easy to grip as well as wood blocks that can be enjoyed by students of almost any age.

What kind of equipment should I get for the yard in my preschool?

While playing and learning inside is a big part of the school day, little ones also need a chance to get out and run around while breathing in some fresh air. Encourage children to enjoy being outside with some age-appropriate outdoor play equipment. Riding toys and tricycles build up leg muscles and let little ones cruise around in style. For those who like to climb, slide, crawl and swing, we have playgrounds in a variety of configurations that can support many children at once and are designed for different ages.

With so much running around, building and playing, little ones are bound to get tired. In full-day preschools and day cares, nap time is an important part of the day. It gives little ones the chance to get some rest and calm down so they will have energy for all of the fun activities afterward. Supportive, cozy daycare cots and nap mats will lull children to sleep so caregivers can get everything ready for subsequent activities. Our nap pads and rest mats come from reliable manufacturers such as Children's Factory.

What can I add to make my preschool more inviting?

Decorating a classroom isn't all about the large items and activities. The smaller details can really complete the look and transform a regular room into a homey learning space. Classroom rugs can bring color, activities, graphics and educational fun into the learning space. Kids carpets can be ordered with educational themes such as letters or numbers, or with exciting graphics that facilitate imaginative play.

Give little ones the jump start they need with great preschool furniture from Hertz Furniture. When children get the right foundations from an early age, they are more likely to succeed in life as they carry the important skills they have developed with them. Functional, safe and fun daycare furniture will help caregivers give little ones the tools they need to develop properly so they can continue to succeed in the educational environment and other areas of life as well.