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Infuse Series School Chairs by Academia

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Infuse Series School Chairs by Academia

Infuse Series School Chairs bring a real breakthrough to classroom furniture - and a relief to school custodians. These graceful classroom chairs feature a blow-molded shell with no grooves or ridges for students to stick chewing gum into. The rugged shell is connected to the frame with countersunk metal T-nuts, rendering these school chairs extraordinarily durable. Strength is not all. These student chairs also give children the support they need throughout the day. As they sit on a cushion of air which is layered within the seat, the contoured shell hugs the back, promoting correct posture. With a stunning array of colors to match any color scheme, Infuse classroom chairs will look and feel great just about anywhere.


  • Innovative Design: Blow-molded shell means less under-seat crevices where chewing gum and other items can get stuck.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Blow-molded seat has a little bit of "give" resulting in a more comfortable sit.
  • Outstanding Durability: Metal frame is bolted to T-nuts molded into the seat shell, resulting in a super-strong seat connection.
  • Easy Transport: A built-in carrying handle makes moving chairs around much simpler .

    Seat Height12"14"16"18"19"






    Grade 5-11    

    Grade 12+   

    Sizing is based on averages. Most grades include children above and below average size.
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