Two Person Lockers, Steel Lockers

Two Person Lockers

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Two Person Lockers

If you need to put a large number of individual lockers in a limited space, these double school lockers are an excellent solution. In approximately the same space that one full-size locker usually takes, you can put two student lockers. By separating the main locker from the top compartment, students have a convenient place to hang up a jacket and another place for books. The latch to open the top book compartment of these school lockers is inside the main compartment. So everything in the top compartment will be just as safe and secure as items stored in the main locker.

Penco Eagle Award

Hertz Furniture is a proud member of Penco Products’ exclusive “Eagle Club”. Penco has designated Hertz as a star locker performer, qualified to take care of all your locker needs, from planning a new layout, ordering the correct parts, and installing them in your facility.


  • High Capacity Space Saving Design: These individual lockers that take up half the space of full-width lockers by having a separate book compartment on top of the main compartment.
  • Durability: Locker bodies are constructed from 24-gauge steel and spot-welded for long lasting toughness. Locker doors are made from 16-gauge steel on models wider than 12". Locker walls come together with "mortise and tenon" joints in which steel tabs are inserted into connecting walls resulting in far superior strength than traditional design.
  • Smart Design: All hinges are full loop, five-knuckle design that are welded to the frame and riveted to the door. Every door frame has a vertical flange which creates a continuous door strike for even closing.
  • Convenience: Patented die-cast handle pulls out with a simple one hand motion for easy opening and closing. Spring-loaded latch clips help keep doors securely closed.
  • Appearance: Durable and attractive baked enamel finish. For a new, high-tech, graffiti proof locker finish, call us for information and pricing.
  • Ventilation: Louvers at top and bottom of each door allow for air circulation while maintaining privacy.
  • Organization: All lockers come with factory-mounted number plates.
  • Stability: Sturdy, all-steel legs keep lockers balanced and add 6" to height.
  • Factory Assembled Option: All prices are for non-assembled lockers. Factory assembly will increase lead time by 1-2 weeks. Call your Hertz Representative for details.
  • Important Note: These lockers are made to order and non-returnable, so call us first and we'll help you configure the ideal locker setup.
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