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Big & Tall Office Chairs

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What is special about big and tall office chairs? Heavy duty office chairs ensure that every professional has a fitting place to sit - no matter how they are built. The trouble with regular task chairs is that they can rarely hold someone that weighs over 250 pounds. Hertz Furniture's big and tall chair collection gives you plenty of choices to fit a variety of body types.

Not all task chairs are the same because not every person has the same preferences. With a choice of big and tall desk chairs in mesh, fabric upholstery and leather, executives can have that perfect fit with a style that works for their space.

Do I really need a big and tall office chair?

Although it might be tempting to exceed the weight limit of a regular task chair, doing so is definitely not advisable. Weight limits are there for a number of reasons, most importantly for the safety of the occupant. If a person who is heavier than the stated chair capacity tries to sit down, they run the risk of getting injured and/or breaking the chair. Neither of these outcomes is desirable.

So why would anyone sit in a task chair that is not meant for them? Some people might just not realize that there is an alternative out there for people who require something a bit sturdier. Others might think that they are going to save money. Whatever the original reason for using office furniture that is less than ideal for a particular person, in the long run there is much more to be lost than there is to be gained. After a few chairs are broken or worn down, it will be clear that money could actually have been saved by investing in appropriate big and tall office chairs in the first place.

What is the difference between heavy duty office chairs and regular office chairs?

Big & tall office chairs have a lot to offer. Their extra-wide seats facilitate comfortable positioning and proper support. As discussed, they have higher weight capacities than regular task chairs. It is important to check exactly how much weight they are designed to support, because not all big and tall chairs have the same weight limits. Many have high backs as well, but there are mid-back models available too for those who prefer them.

What should I look for when choosing a big and tall chair?

Seat size and capacity are definitely important to take note of when looking for a big and tall office chair, but there are additional considerations as well. Today every office chair has at least one adjustable feature, but there are lots of potential adjustments that can really enhance the comfort factor. Computer users in particular require ergonomic big and tall computer chairs that can be adjusted in a number of ways so each person can get every part of their body positioned properly.

The style of an office chair can really contribute to the feel of a work space. Fabric upholstery that is coordinated with colors in the room will give the whole space a more cohesive feel. Leather heavy duty office chairs are a classic choice of high-powered executives and company presidents. Their simple elegance commands respect and admiration for anyone seated in them. Mesh is becoming more and more popular in today's offices. Its' lightweight breathability and flexibility makes it a common choice among computer programmers.

Are big & tall office chairs worth the money?

Big and tall desk chairs are really just like other office chairs, except they will accommodate larger people. There is much to be gained from providing every employee with a proper place to sit and work. The more comfortable someone is, the better they are able to focus on their work. Pain and discomfort can be quite distracting, and workplace injuries associated with a lack of proper office furniture can lead to pricey lawsuits, missed days of work and a bad reputation. Treating employees right starts with proper furniture, and for some that means ensuring there are enough big and tall executive chairs in your company.

No matter who your employees are, they deserve to have big and tall office chairs, if that is what fits them best. Hertz Furniture's collection of heavy duty office chairs is sure to satisfy the employees who need one. If you need help selecting chairs that will fit your workers and your budget, contact the experts in the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice, and then head on over to the financing department to figure out how you are going to make it all happen.