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Wooden Block Sets
Wooden Block Sets

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Wooden Block Sets

Quality wooden block sets are a must in any preschool environment. These block sets from Wood Designs let little imaginations soar as toddlers and preschoolers create bridges, castles, houses, buildings and so much more. All block sets from Wood Designs are sanded down fully with totally rounded edges that won't scrape, poke or cause splinters. A wide variety of shapes and sizes lets children develop their creativity and take it to new heights - literally. Wood Designs Block Sets


  • Great Variety: All Wood Designs block sets feature a rich assortment of shapes and sizes that make building fun.
  • Total Safety: Blocks are fully sanded, with completely rounded edges.
  • Top Durability: Solid hardwood blocks are made to withstand the daily wear and tear that are part and parcel of the preschool day.
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