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Mouse Squad: How Your Students Can Become a Professional IT Team

A Mouse Squad in Action at School Are you tired of waiting for the IT guy to come and fix your computer? With a Mouse Squad in your school, the wait is over. The Mouse Squad is a group of students who are specially trained to troubleshoot and fix technical problems with computers in classrooms and throughout the school. This innovative solution has the double benefit of helping educators get their problems solved faster, and empowering students to learn important life skills and experience early success with technology.

What kinds of problems can a Mouse Squad fix?

According to, it is “a student-driven technical support help desk program that addresses the technology needs of elementary, middle and high schools”. That means that members of the squad can do anything they are trained to do. This can include regular maintenance such as checking the internet connections, ensuring all accessories are in working order and installing new programs, and can be as complicated as taking apart a computer to replace faulty parts.

Why should you start a Mouse Squad?

There are unlimited benefits that this program can provide. With students servicing the school computers on a regular basis, schools can save money on maintenance, and save the time of the IT professionals for the bigger problems. Students are empowered to become digital natives, and learn 21st century skills that will serve them throughout their lives, and may even help them build careers in tech one day. Mouse Squad can even benefit the broader community, as it has in Valley View Middle School in Pleasant Hill California . In their program, members of the Squad are teaching senior citizens about practical new technology, such as how to use Google Docs. While students are helping those around them, they are developing additional invaluable skills including collaboration, diligence and professionalism. The possibilities are only limited by the time and resources that a school has to devote to training and supervision.

What do you need to start a Mouse Squad in your school?

All you need to begin is a teacher, some motivated students, a meeting space and computers. In many schools, the Mouse Squad meets as an after-school club, so the students can go into classrooms and work on the computers without disrupting lessons. has some excellent resources and guidelines for schools who are starting a new program. This includes materials for the teachers who are supervising, so educators don’t have to be tech experts to run a successful program.

How do you recruit Mouse Squad members?

Once your program starts and the students see how cool it is, the odds are that they will be flocking to join. Some schools require an application process to fill a set number of slots. It’s important to make sure that you have a diverse group of students, from various ages, genders and backgrounds. Of course, if a teacher believes that a particular student is a good candidate, it is a good idea to suggest that they apply, or maybe even help them fill-out the application. Sometimes underprivileged students won’t know how to apply or fill out a form. It is the job of every teacher in the school, to make sure that all of the students know about the opportunity, and to help those who can’t fill out the application themselves. It might even be a good idea to have the teacher who is supervising the Squad go into each classroom to give a demo that will get students excited about the opportunity. A Mouse Squad is more than just a club, it is a way to bring hands-on learning, which builds practical life skills, into your school. With technology in every classroom, having a built-in resource for troubleshooting and fixing computer problems is incredibly convenient. If you are serious about taking your 21st century learning to the next level, give your students the opportunity to thrive with a Mouse Squad.
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