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Why In School Field Trips Are a Great Idea

Field Trips That Come To Your School

If you are looking for field trips that come to your school, there are a lot of things to consider. You want to ensure that whatever you choose will feel different from a regular classroom activity, so students will feel like they had a special experience. Field trips that come to you are a great way to save time and money, while providing unique experiences for your students, which they wouldn’t have on a typical school day.

What are the benefits of in school field trips?

There are so many wonderful advantages to in-school field trips. First of all, they save time and hassle, because students don’t need to miss extra learning time when they are in transit, and teachers don’t need to worry about keeping track of students in a new place. Secondly, even if a school does invest in bringing in a special program, they will still save on the transportation costs, and the time it would take to recruit chaperones. Additionally, in some cases there is the added benefit of allowing students to do something unique for each other, and showcase their skills, while serving their peers.

Where can I find free field trips?

The most cost-effective field trips come from within. By having students or staff from inside the school create the programming, you don’t have to spend money to use any additional personnel. For example, one class could create a live wax museum of historical or literary figures that other classes will come to visit. A similar idea could use historical artifacts, or hands-on science experiments, which are facilitated by one class or group of students, and experienced by their peers. Alternatively, a class could have an online field trip, which takes them to a new and exciting place through the internet. Both of these options can be facilitated completely “in-house”, without bringing anyone in from the outside.

What kinds of field trips come to your school?

The best way to find great options is to look around at local places you would like to take students too, and ask them if they have any options that can come to you. You might be surprised by some of the amazing things that can be offered if you just ask. For example, many local theater companies will be more than happy to set up and perform in your school auditorium or multipurpose room. This allows multiple classes to enjoy the attraction. Another wonderful option is to bring in a petting zoo, rather than going to a full-fledged zoo. You might want to think about bringing in a specialist in whatever area your students are learning about, and asking them what types of hands-on activities they could facilitate. There really are endless options, it’s all a matter of asking the right people and thinking outside of the box.

Free field trips for schools can be exciting and educational, if you take the time to look around and brainstorm for the best ideas. Whether you decide to enlist someone from within, or bring in someone from the outside, students are sure to appreciate the unique experience that they will get. With the time and money that is saved from your great in school field trip ideas, you will likely be able to offer even more special “trips”.

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