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Office Chairs for the Utterly Confused

Question: I work in an office and need a comfortable office desk chair to sit on. Where do I start? I’m lost.

Dear Lost,

Despair not! We are here to help.

The most basic office chair or office desk chair is what we call a “task chair,” one in which you do your daily tasks at your desk.

Task chairs come in many varieties: with or without arms in fabric, mesh, vinyl or leather. They come in low-back, mid-back and high-back styles. They come non-adjustable, adjustable and multi-functional. They can be ergonomic or non-ergonomic. They come in styles that are contemporary, traditional and… well, something that breaks the mold and a proper name for it hasn’t been invented yet. Prices for an office task chair can range from under $100 (including shipping) to $1,000 or more.

Whew! With all those choices it’s no wonder you are a little lost when it comes to this key element of office furniture.

Office Chair Comfort

The most common thing people typically want to know about office chairs is comfort. Ergonomic office chairs are office chairs designed with features meant to enhance comfort. Those features can include any or all of the following: contoured seat/back, controls to adjust height, tilt (back and/or forward), armrests (up or down) and lumbar support.

Lumbar support in office chairs refers to a contoured extrusion in the back of the seat that gives extra support to the natural curve of your spine, particularly the lower back. The effectiveness of lumbar support is in the back of the beholder. Some swear it makes all the difference, while others contend it is much ado about nothing and are very comfortable in a basic office chair. To each his own.

Mesh Office Chairs

Although office chair comfort is in the back (and bottom) of the beholder, beauty of is of course in the eye. A few years back, mesh office chairs became the rage in office furniture. You found them behind the desk of the CEO as well as those of the secretaries out front. And the popularity of mesh office chairs continues today — whether in a simple, classic mid-back style or a sophisticated, super-contemporary, high-back version with adjustable lumbar support and headrest. In addition to good looks, mesh office chairs are “breathable” and keep your back cool even when sitting for a long time.

Office Desk Chair Colors

Vinyl, leather and fabric office chairs are still very popular, and in addition to having choices of all the options mentioned above, typically offer a wide variety of color choices. Once you find the office desk chair you like, Hertz Furniture can speedily send you out a fabric swatch card of all the available colors for that particular office chair at no cost to you.

More Information About Office Furniture

Price, comfort, looks — Hertz can help you find the office desk chair that’s right for you. If you still feel lost, Hertz’s friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents are just a toll-free phone call away and can help you with all the office furniture questions you may have.

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