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Making the Right Choice in Buying a Church Lectern or Podium

Choosing the Right Podium or Lectern for Your Sanctuary

What’s a sanctuary without a podium or lectern? A well-made church podium adds sophistication and style not only to the speaking environment but to the aura of the speaker as well!

Are all lecterns created equal? If not, how do they differ? And what do they cost? What are the considerations in adding a lectern to your church furniture?

Factors in Making the Correct Choice of a Podium or Lectern

Since there is so much variety in church lectern and podium styles, choosing the right one can present a challenge. Some of the features offered are casters, adjustable height, added shelving, and built-in sound systems. Additionally, the podium or lectern has to fit the sanctuary space requirements. In addition to floor lecterns, you can purchase a tabletop or portable lectern.

The classic podium is made of wood, but clear, see-through acrylic lecterns are more and more commonly used. Simple wood lecterns can be found for under $100 (including shipping!), while more expensive ones can cost $500 to $1,000 or more. The good news is that you can get a really nice-looking and functional podium or lectern, in wood or acrylic, for well under $1,000.

Except for those made of acrylic, the higher-end podiums and lecterns come with built-in sound systems. Typically, these sound systems can accommodate audiences of 50–3000 people. The more powerful the built-in amplifier the more people you will reach… and the more you will pay. Many such “sound” lecterns come standard with one or two or microphones (e.g., handheld, headset and tie-clip microphones) plus an option for wireless microphones.

Features, design, and functionality are all important in choosing the right podium or lectern. Podium styles range from traditional to modern and can set the tone for the sanctuary. A well-chosen sound lectern can ensure that all members of the congregation can properly hear the message. A lot benefit to your sanctuary comes from making the right choice of podium or lectern.

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