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Computers Going Places: Computer Carts in Schools

A Mobile Cart Can Help Solve Money and Space Problems

A mobile computer cart is a good solution to the problem of having too little money and too little space to add computers to the classroom. A mobile cart can put the computers where you need them, when you need them.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help select the right computer cart for your needs:

Does the cart offer ergonomic design?

Studies show that students spending long hours in front of their computers develop back and shoulder pain. Schools may overlook the importance of ergonomic design when purchasing school furniture to the detriment of their students’ health. A paper titled Ergonomic Concerns for Classroom Computer Use published by Seattle Public schools stresses this point: “When introducing technology into the classroom, it is often easy to overlook ergonomic concerns.” Ergonomically designed school furniture can help avoid these problems. The main feature you will want to see in a computer cart is adjustability. Since the cart will probably be used by a range of students of differing heights, make sure the height is easily adjustable.

What kind of computers does your school have? Laptops? Desktops? Both?

Computer carts are designed differently for housing a laptop or a desktop. Determine how many computers your school will want to be mobile. Most schools have both types of computers, and, therefore, need both types of carts. A mobile cart for a laptop takes up less space, and some even have room for papers and books in addition to the computer. Generally, try to buy the smallest cart that will meet your needs, especially if space is at a premium.

What kind of use will the cart get? Will it be moved several times a day? Once a week?

A sturdy and functional computer cart is a must, but facts are some will get more use then others. For heavy use, choose a higher end model, such as the Hi Lo Pneumatic Workstation. This high quality cart offers instant adjustability and can accommodate standing users, as well as wheelchair users.

Do you need storage, as well as a place to park your computer?

Some of the mobile carts have shelves for storing books and papers. This can be especially useful for a teacher who moves from room to room.

Does the cart blend in with other school furniture?

Fortunately, computer carts come in number of finishes. While not the most important reason to buy a particular cart or not, aesthetics should be at least be taken into consideration. Take a look at where the computer cart will be used and try to match it to the environment and other school furniture you have already purchased.

If you have any further questions or you'd like assistance in deciding on the best computer cart for your school, feel free to contact a Hertz Furniture expert at 888-793-4999, or by chat between 9am-5pm EST.

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