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Part 2: School Furniture for the Junior High and High School Classroom

Junior High and High School Students Need Storage in School Desks

As mentioned in Part 1 of this article, students in 7th-12th grades have a number of school supplies and books that they need for each class. This makes it crucial to have school furniture that accommodates their storage needs. Some schools prefer chairs with attached bookshelves or baskets, as this gives students a convenient place to store their things yet eliminates the tendency to fidget with them, as they are safely under their seats. Other schools prefer the convenience of school desks with under-the-desk storage, as that allows students easy access to whatever they may need for their studies.

Wire book racks are great for students who will be storing pencil cases, books and notebooks, as they offer the best visibility to both student and teacher. Individual pens and pencils, however, will fall through the mesh. If this is a concern for you, consider open front book boxes in the school desks. These allow students uncomplicated access to their school materials, but eliminate the problem of small objects falling out. Lift top book boxes, once very popular, have the most room for school supplies of all sizes. The problem is that in order to remove anything, the student must first clear everything else off the desk. Another problem that surfaced were cases in which the lids slammed down on the students' fingers and the schools found themselves the object of lawsuits brought by the parents. That's why you don't see these often anymore.

Chair/Desk Unit an Option for Classroom Furniture

An economical choice - both in terms of money and space - is a chair-desk combination unit. Found mostly in high schools and universities, they can be used for junior high as well. These units are made of a chair with an attached desk unit. You can find them with both soft and hard plastic chairs, and the desks usually come with a choice of tops in terms of both color and material used. Some have tablet-arms as well, so that students have something to lean on. Many come with optional book baskets, either under the seat or attached to the side for easy access to school materials.

The Aesthetics of Classroom Furniture

Due, perhaps, to the academic responsibility junior high and high school students are expected to assume, it is easy to neglect classroom aesthetics and to focus on pragmatics when planning school furniture for these grades. Don't make that unfortunate mistake. It's precisely because of the heavy workload they carry that an attractive academic environment is so important. School furniture, including desks but especially chairs, comes in a variety of colors. Navy blue and burgundy are currently the most popular, but you can find chairs in such unique colors as turquoise, cranberry and teal, as well as in all the primary colors. For classrooms with a color scheme that is both classy and consistent, Educational Edge offers a whole line of completely color-coordinated furniture. And if you're looking for school furniture that is really unique, try the Inspiration line manufactured by Academia. The chairs and desks - including the combo units - are innovatively designed and coordinate in novel colors like purple grape, ocean blue and leaf green, to name a few. They are also unusually strong; the chair legs are made of 14 gauge steel, and the desks come with WoodStone tops.

The choice you make in classroom furniture is an important factor in the total education experience for junior high and high school students. If you have any further questions or you'd like assistance in finding school furniture for the junior high or high school classroom, feel free to contact a Hertz Furniture expert at 888-793-4999 or by chat between 9am-5pm Eastern Standard time.

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