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NPS Folding Oval Bench Cafeteria Tables

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NPS Folding Oval Bench Cafeteria Tables

Oval Bench Cafeteria Tables from NPS are designed for safety, convenience and durability. An exclusive curved frame design and generous spacing between benches prevent tripping and enable easy entry. A torsion bar system allows one-person folding and unfolding and an automatic lock keeps the table firmly positioned when fully folded or fully opened. These tables also lock in the partially-folded position for easy floor cleaning. NPS cafeteria tables are built to last. They roll into position on heavy-duty casters which lift off the floor when the table is in the fully-open position. Tough steel frames are connected with tamper-free hardware. The surface and benches are reinforced by steel aprons. These lunchroom tables have everything you need to accommodate your bustling eating space.


  • Color Options: Available in a selection of laminate hues.
  • Easy Clean: Power-washable phenolic backer on tabletop adds sanitary protection.
  • Secure Opening: Automatic lock ensures engagement every time table is fully opened or closed.
  • Convenient Design: Table locks in the partially-folded position for easy cleaning underneath. Easy-access lock can be released from either side of the table.
  • Sturdy Support: Tamper-free hardware, a 14-gauge steel apron under the tabletop, 16-gauge steel aprons under benches and steel legs ensure strength.
  • Safe Frame: A curved-frame design and generous spacing between benches prevent tripping to ensure safer entry.
  • Reliable Positioning: Casters lift off floor when table is in open position to prevent movement.
  • No Tripping: Lifted casters do not stick out beyond the stools, preventing tripping.
  • One-Person Lift: Torsion bar system requires only one person to fold and unfold the table.
  • Smooth Rolling: Rolls on heavy-duty, double ball bearing, extra-wide 4" non-marring casters. Each caster can support up to 275 pounds.
  • Height Selection: Comes in standard 29"/17" table/bench height, as well as 25"/13", 27"/15" and 32"/20".
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