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Classroom Furniture
Classroom Furniture
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Over the last 50 years, Hertz Furniture has become THE source for classroom furniture. We know nothing is more conducive to a successful learning experience than a properly thought-out and well-equipped classroom. Thus, we have brought together hundreds of products in one place - from school chairs and student desks to storage cabinets and even partitions.

All of our classroom furniture is extremely well-made with quality materials, and always competitively priced. What furniture do you need in a classroom? No matter what you need for your ideal learning space, whether you are purchasing a few classroom chairs or furnishing an entire room, Hertz Furniture has excellent choices.

How important is classroom layout?

Layout is critical for students and teachers. There is no single configuration that will work for every space, so you need to consider each classroom independently. The right layouts for learning will depend on students and teachers as well as subject matter. Once you have determined what the desired layout is, you will need to find the ideal model for each piece of classroom furniture that is included in your design.

What are the most important pieces of classroom furniture?

Because students stand at the center of any educational setting, the school furniture that they will be using most frequently should take precedence. Students in junior high and high school (and sometimes elementary school as well) spend most of their school hours seated at student desks or combo desks. It is important to make sure that school desks are appropriately-sized and that they are constructed from durable materials.

Are combo desks better than regular student desks?

In a classroom that is furnished with chair desks, the seating and work surface are attached, so there is no need to order separate student chairs. However, school desks do require chairs that correspond to the work surface height. In either configuration, careful consideration must be given to the seat material and shape to ensure that students are seated comfortably. School chairs are available in a huge selection of colors so they can all be coordinated, or they can be used to add some variety and flavor to the learning atmosphere.

Students aren’t the only ones who need a comfortable place to sit and an appropriate work surface. Teachers spend many hours in the classroom, so they definitely need proper support and a good work surface. Teachers desks and chairs are designed to provide a work space inside the classroom so educators have a place to prepare lessons and meet with students.

When furnishing a preschool, daycare or elementary school classroom, school tables are very important. Classroom tables serve as the main work area for projects, activities and even meals, so they need to be attractive, sturdy and durable. They come in a number of different shapes, sizes and heights so you can find some great options for a space of any size.

What kinds of boards do I need in the classroom?

Once the main pieces of classroom furniture are taken care of, there are a number of essential accessories that will enhance the learning environment. Whether students are studying math, science or history, they will learn better if there is a clear space for teachers to write notes and provide illustrative examples. Whiteboards and blackboards provide the perfect space for recording information and conveying key ideas. For information that is not directly related to the lesson such as field trip notices or schedule changes, bulletin boards and tack boards along the side walls of the room will help students stay informed.

What do I need to put computers in the classroom?

Having technology in the classroom is essential in any modern school. Computers can be used to augment classroom instruction in just about any subject. In order to furnish your learning space with functional computer workstations, you will need some great computer tables. We offer a number of different styles and models so you can accommodate desktops or laptops, whether you just want a single computer station or a whole row.

Libraries aren’t the only venue where reading can take place. Having book carts and classroom bookcases right where students are learning will encourage independent research. With many enticing books in the classroom, you can create your own private class lending library and give students a constructive way to spend their time when tasks are completed early.

Create a positive learning environment that is conducive to personal growth and knowledge attainment with great classroom furniture from Hertz Furniture. When you design your classroom in an attractive and constructive way, you help students learn better and demonstrate the importance of education. With so many pieces of furniture in one place, making sure to choose every piece wisely can be quite challenging. If you need assistance in any step of your classroom design process, contact Hertz Project Solutions for free project-planning advice.

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