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Computer Workstations by Nova
Computer Workstations by Nova

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Computer Workstations by Nova

With the long rows of computer desks that fill your computer lab and training room, keeping cables out of the way can be quite a challenge. Sleek, modern computer tables from NOVA feature user-friendly wire-management solutions that minimize clutter and tripping hazards. Innovative iMod modesty panels can be easily removed, providing full access to the back of the computer and any additional hardware. These computer desks have a built-in channel to keep cords organized and out of the way. With the added advantage of CPU holders and six outlet powerstrips, you get absolutely everything you need to keep your space organized and attractive.


  • Sleek Appearance: Thermofused laminate surfaces with flat PVC edge banding are available in an attractive array of hues that will look great anywhere.
  • Easy Access: Removable modesty panels make it easy to hook cables up to the back of the computer or make adjustments.
  • Clutter Free: The cable-management channel keeps all wires neatly arranged off of the work surface and the floor.
  • All Inclusive: These computer tables come with CPU holders and six-outlet powerstrips, keeping all computer components and plugs within easy reach.
  • Multipurpose: Perfect for use in a classroom, computer lab, lecture hall and more
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