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Band-Stor Music Instrument Storage by Marco Group

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Band-Stor Music Instrument Storage by Marco Group

Transform your band room into the harmonious space you deserve with Band-Stor Instrument Storage from Marco Group. A durable build makes these instrument lockers a great long-term investment. Heavy-duty hardware and steel tubes under the front and back of each shelf provide exceptional support and stability. When storing costly instruments, you don’t just need a good fit, you also want to make sure that they are exposed to a proper airflow. Ridged polyethylene shelf liners keep everything securely in place and provide ventilation which prevents moisture buildup. This instrument storage is modular so you can create an arrangement that suits your needs and maximizes efficiency. As your program evolves and requires additional storage, you can easily add more cabinets. With this flexible design, you’ll have a perfect fit no matter what instruments you need to store.


  • Enhanced Support: Steel tubes provide extra support to the front and back of every shelf.
  • Shelf Liners: Polyethylene shelf liners are ridged for ventilation, allowing air circulation under instruments or cases. Caps secure liners firmly in place.
  • Smooth Surfaces: Thermofused melamine has a sleek appeal.
  • Resists Damage: The 3MM PVC edge banding prevents damage from moisture.
  • Super Sturdy: Steel gable plates provide extra reinforcement.
  • Convenient Design: Internal levelers let you adjust from inside the cabinet without moving and tilting cabinets.
  • Custom Cabinets: See our exclusive band storage checklist to create a custom cabinet that fits your instruments perfectly.
  • No Hassle: Ships fully assembled.
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