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Mod Pebble Floor Cushions by Academia

Sizes and colors may vary; see products for details.

Mod Pebble Floor Cushions by Academia

Mod Pebble Floor Cushions enable your students to turn any space into a comfortable group study area. The cushy polyurethane foam core provides a cozy seat, so any floor surface becomes a great place to sit. A plywood bottom keeps cushions firmly in place, in the desired location.

Attractive floor cushions can be added to a library, classroom, or group work area. They come in a variety of inviting colors, that can really spice up your space. Because floor cushions are portable, they can easily be used anywhere, so even if your have an impromptu or unexpected study session, you can always find somewhere to set them up and get down to business.


  • Comfortable Seat: Polyurethane foam core lets you really sink into your cushion.
  • Firm Positioning: A plywood bottom provides stability.
  • Versatile: Portable floor cushions can be used on any floor surface, and pair well with floor tables.
  • Vibrant Choices: Available in a wide selection of colors and fabrics.
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