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Wiggle Seat Sensory Cushion, Gummy Bear Cover - 6 Pack
Model # BBD-33G
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  • An attractive non-zip cover surrounds a classic wiggle seat and can be removed and machine washed.
  • Boosts Focus: Kids stay calm and focused in the classroom while these seats give them an outlet for excess energy.
  • Nondisruptive: Allows children to quietly move while working, enabling them to stay on task and be more productive.
  • Double Sided: Flexible nubs on one side and smaller bumps on the other provide just the right amount of tactile stimulation.
  • Active Sitting: Ergonomic disc is a portable alternative to balance balls with the same benefits.
  • Adaptable: Easy-inflation pump is included; firmness can be customized to contour to each child's needs.
  • Perfect Size: Great fit for kids seating, with enough room to grow as the child does.
  • Versatile: Cushions can be used on chairs, benches, or directly on the floor.
13 in.
Shipping Weight:
35 lbs.

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