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Diversified Science Lab Tables
Diversified Science Lab Tables

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Diversified Science Lab Tables

Science Lab Tables from Diversified Woodcrafts are a solid choice for any school. With the sturdy support of solid oak legs and aprons, they are built for years of dependable service. These lab tables are constructed for the heavy-duty use required for experiments. Steel corner braces, hanger bolts, nuts and washers create strong connections between all of the table components.

When it comes to conducting experiments, having a level surface is very important. Non-skid adjustable glides facilitate precise levelling, allowing your students to take exact measurements and preventing materials from sliding or spilling. In the case of an accidental spill, tables are protected by a chemical-resistant UV finish and black rubber leg boots.

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High-Pressure Laminate tops are widely used for student science tables, offering superior resistance to scratching, but limited resistance to high temperatures and severe chemicals. ChemGuard™ is a durable, chemical-resistance material with a Class 1 fire rating. A 3mm PVC molding is applied with heat-sensitive adhesive to create a waterproof edge. Solid Epoxy Resin is impervious to normal laboratory chemicals and heat, showing no effect when subjected to the following common laboratory chemicals: Nitric Acid 70%, Acetic Acid (glacial), Hydrochloric Acid 20%, Sulfuric Acid 60%, Methyl Alcohol, Toluene, Benzene and others. Completely impervious to moisture.


  • Solid Material: Legs and aprons are constructed of smoothly-machined solid red oak.
  • Strong Finish: Legs and aprons are protected by a chemical-resistant earth-friendly UV finish.
  • Reinforced Corners: Heavy-duty 13-gauge steel corner braces span the height of the apron (4 1/2").
  • Robust Connections: Tops are attached to aprons with a minimum of eight screws.
  • Level Surface: Non-skid adjustable glides facilitate precise levelling and prevent rocking on uneven floors.
  • Leg Protection: Black rubber leg boots prevent scuffing and protect against chemical spills.
  • Easy Assembly: Tabletops are shipped with aprons attached; legs attach easily to tables with one bolt.
  • Accessible Options: All tables can be ordered with 34" leg height for wheelchair accessibility and ADA compliance.
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