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FREEstanding Partition Systems
FREEstanding Partition Systems

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FREEstanding Partition Systems

Make your room layout more efficient by using these FREEstanding Partition Systems. Use free-standing partitions as room dividers to create customized areas for offices or classes and save money while making the most of your current space. FREEstanding models have steel end frames so they don't need to be connected to any wall. These Partitions are both lightweight and flexible making them easy and quick to set up the way you want it ... when you need it.

Need more room for an occasional conference or assembly? Portable partitions effectively create private areas without the need for costly, permanent construction.


  • Extremely Flexible: Narrow panels (22 inches wide compared to other brands that are 30 inches wide) provide extra flexibility when it comes to creating turns. For example, on a 20-foot long partition, you can make a turn at any of ten different points.
  • Exceptionally Durable: Panels are connected with screws every 5 inches from the top to the bottom (compared to other brands that are only connected at the very top and very bottom of the panels) resulting in superior durability. The honeycomb core is overlaid with two layers of fiberglass insulation for panels engineered to last a very long time.
  • Remarkably Stable: Weight concentrated in the bottom third of the frame bolsters stability.
  • Especially Suitable for Classroom or Office: You can hang lightweight posters with Velcro or tacks on the polyester fabric or vinyl surfaces. A sound absorbing- NRC (noise reduction coefficient) rating of 45-55 (depending on whether the panels are set up in a straight row, L shape, or U shape) guards against noise distractions.
  • Maximum Storage: When closed maximum partition requires only 25" x 39" floor space. Requires only 26" door opening.
  • Fire-Resistant: Fabrics are fire treated and obtain Class A rating ASTM-E 84 which is the highest fire ratings available.
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