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Motorized Projection Screens
Motorized Projection Screens

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Motorized Projection Screens

Tired of having to set up a bulky projector screen every time you want to show a slideshow or video clip? Motorized projection screens from Aarco can be mounted onto your classroom or conference room wall so you are ready for digital presentations at any time. This convenient arrangement is sure to impress your clients and help your day run smoothly.

Aarco motorized projection screens are cleverly simple to use, especially when teamed with AarcoVision’s optional VHF wireless remote. The advanced motor system is smooth, quiet and fast. The matte white projection surface offers a wide viewing angle, so everyone in the room can have a clear picture of what you are presenting.


  • Quick Install: Plug–in, pre–wired electronic connections for fast, convenient installation.
  • Distance Plugging: The AC cord is 128 in. long so you can hookup the device where you want it, even when outlets are far away.
  • Easy Mount: In–line control panel mounts easily to any wall surface. Factory–attached brackets for mounting on ceilings or walls.
  • User Friendly: An optional remote lets you activate the screen from up to 50 feet away.
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