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Utility Carts

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Utility carts come in handy just about anywhere. Whether you need to transport electronics, books or art supplies, they make it easy to steer what you need right into place. With a selection of steel, wood and tough molded plastic models, there are plenty of options to choose from. For secure storage, choose a locking utility cart.

When it comes to choosing from all of the different storage carts out there, a number of factors should be kept in mind. Size is always a concern because you want to make sure that the cart is easy to maneuver and that it will fit what you want to put on it. Depending on your intended use, it’s also a good idea to consider whether you want raised edges around the shelves or a slip-resistant surface.

What is a utility cart?

When you need an easy way to move supplies around a building, utility carts are an excellent choice. Designed for stability and maneuverability, they are a must-have for any large facility. No matter what types of supplies you are moving around on a regular basis, a sturdy cart will save tons of time and strain. Rather than having to carry heavy items and make multiple trips back and forth, you can simply load everything onto the cart and whisk it away to the proper destination in a flash.

What can you use a utility cart for?

Storage carts have unlimited uses but there are a few common options. They are often used for larger multimedia equipment and accessories such as projectors and printers. If they are the right height, you can even project straight from the cart without having to do any lifting or rearranging. Supply carts are often used to move heavy textbooks around as well. If you choose a model with locking wheels, they can also be used as regular shelving when not on the move.

What kind of cart is good for organizing art supplies?

Art carts are usually wooden. Because the supplies that are put on them are often small, they have raised edges to prevent things from slipping off in transit. Wood has a natural appeal which fits in with many classrooms, especially preschools and daycares. Art carts are ideal for an early-childhood setting where there might not be a separate art room and a separate set of supplies is not required for each class. Sharing materials is much easier when they are already organized in one space and just need to be wheeled on to the next classroom.

How can I keep things secure and portable?

Locking utility carts are ideal for transport and storage. A built-in cabinet helps keep supplies secure and ready to roll into position. Ventilated models are ideal for electronics because they facilitate airflow which prevents overheating. In the age of multimedia lessons and presentations, a utility cart with locking cabinet makes it easier to share devices and get any room set up for digital communication.

Tuffy carts from Luxor come in a huge selection of heights, styles and colors. You can choose the number of shelves and whether or not your prefer to have a locking cabinet. A built-in handle facilitates easy steering, with a choice of standard and extra-large wheels for various purposes and floor types. An optional built-in 3-outlet power strip makes it easy to plug in electronics without having to stretch wires across a room.

No matter what kinds of supplies you need to transport and store and what kind of place you need them in, utility carts are always convenient to have around. When it comes to getting things from place to place, supply carts make the whole process smooth and easy, saving time, strain and frustration.