Hertz Furniture Announces Opportunity for Customers to Receive $25 Rebate

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Hertz Furniture Announces Opportunity for Customers to Receive $25 Rebate

Jul 31, 2012

Hertz Furniture Announces Opportunity for Customers to Receive $25 Rebate

Foundations Crib and Stroller Promotion During August and September

Mahwah, NJ (July 31, 2012) – Hertz Furniture, leading source for institutional, school, and office furniture, notified consumers that there is a $25 rebate on Foundations daycare furniture, including cribs and strollers from August 2 through September 30. The promotion is limited to select strollers, changing tables, gliders, organizers, and certified compliant cribs.

The Federal deadline to purchase certified compliant cribs is approaching. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) are consumer organizations with a mission to monitor consumer products, test products, and develop standards to protect the public. All cribs sold after June 28, 2011, must meet the new standards for safe cribs released by the CPSC. All cribs sold after this first deadline must be compliant with CPSC safety standards 16 CFR 1219 (for full-size cribs) and 16 CFR 1220 (for non-full size cribs). Daycare centers, hotels, and crib rental companies were given a moratorium to continue using any non-compliant cribs currently in use. However, by December 28, 2012, all cribs must meet the new crib standards. Some features of the new standard are cribs that do not have drop-sides or wood screws and have crib slats with enhanced strength. For more information, see the CPSC summary of new Federal requirements.

Consumers will find a full selection of Foundations cribs at Hertz Furniture. One model used in many top-notch daycare centers is the First Responder Evacuation Crib, Clearview with Mattress. This crib is the top-of-the-line in safety. Especially designed for fast and safe evacuation in case of an emergency situation, the crib has Clearview end panels to let caregivers monitor infants throughout an evacuation. Easy-grip handles are integrated into the headboard frame to facilitate stable and secure transport. The mattress, wet-proof and anti-microbial, meets the latest in Federal fire standards. Sanitizing the crib is easy because a plastic teething rail protects both the baby and the crib.

"Hertz Furniture is proud to carry a full range of certified commercial daycare cribs designed for heavy, daily use in a commercial setting," said the company’s president Saul Wagner. "Foundations is a quality brand, and their rebate is an incentive for our customers to finalize their purchases of certified compliant cribs."

About Hertz Furniture:

For over 45 years Hertz Furniture has supplied schools, religious institutions, businesses and government offices with top quality commercial furniture and superior customer service. Speedy Quotes, Quick Ship products, a wide selection of Eco-Friendly furniture, a free Project Planning and Design service and the best warranties in the industry are just a few of the ways that Hertz Furniture provides added value to its customers. For additional information on Hertz Furniture and its extensive line of products, please visit Hertz Furniture, speak to a furniture specialist at 888-793-4999, or send an email to Jonathan Yunger.

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