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Jun 22, 2010

Furnished for Education

In a school building that dates back to the 1960’s, Mrs. Belki McConnell and thirty-six fourth graders had been struggling to learn with the original desks and chairs, many of which were cracked, too small, instable and hazardous. Years ago, Mrs. McConnell’s own desk and chair had broken beyond repair and was never replaced. They appealed to their school district for new classroom furniture but financing wasn’t available. Dismayed yet determined, they decided to raise the money themselves.

In search of a discounted price, Mrs. McConnell sent a letter explaining their situation to Hertz Furniture. Touched by their story, Hertz Furniture responded with good-will and replaced all of the classroom furniture as a gift. 

"No matter the economic situation, or whether the lesson is math, language arts or personal empowerment, all students deserve a safe and comfortable environment in which to learn," says Mr. Saul Wagner, President of Hertz Furniture.

After working up a design to maximize the space available, Hertz Furniture partnered with Remington Moving and Storage, and delivered new, comfortable and space-saving chair-desk combo units to the previously over-crowded classroom. A teacher’s desk, chair and sturdy steel filing cabinet were also provided, in addition to an activity table and chairs for group study and a bright colorful rug to add cheer to the classroom.

Installation of the new classroom furniture attracted attention beyond the school walls and the event was covered by local media. Broadcasting live from the school were reporters from KCAL9, the CBS Los Angeles affiliate, and popular DJ Bigg P-Wee from KJLH 102.3 FM. 

The cost of the new classroom furniture was covered by Hertz Furniture – seeing the tears of joy on the faces of staff and student alike was priceless.

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